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Ivory Route is a brand that resonates with terms
like luxury, style, elegance and sustainability.
We, as a brand and team strive to dress up your home and mood
with feelings that are bound to turn into a fond memory.

Our Birht

Sitting in a meeting room where six minds were at it brainstorming over a concept that meets all requirements of gifting. They went through a storm of brands that cater to the same. Over hours of phone calls, emails and messages, they knew that they were driven to create a difference in how emotions can be felt through thoughtful gifts. After some 30 names and more than 20 variations of the logo, came a skeleton of the brand that today is known as Ivory Route.

The Name

Ivory Route is a brand with pleasant and a calm vibe, where time stops to appreciate the beauty in the things around us. The Brand is all about taking a route towards contemporary designs that are infused with refined taste and craftsmanship.

Our Manrta

Our approach as a brand is to take you on a journey where appreciation is in the mind and celebrations happen everyday. We believe in recognising local talent and promoting their work through you.

The colours


The primary colour of the brand personifies luxury and simplicity


The secondary colour represents the home grown brand’s support for sustainable materials while manufacturing and packing the products


The tertiary colour tones reflect the down to earth factory where the conscious effort of the Brand goes into bringing out the best from the craftsmen and supporting local manufactures.


Occasional, the colour is for celebrations that bring in happiness and togetherness during festivities.