Vienna Hoya Heart Can Bundle


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A bundle of:
Vienna Lantern
Hoya Heart Plant
Watering Can Ceramic Planter


Vienna Lantern
Ideal for Home Decor
Material : Stainless Steel & Glass
Width – 4.5 inches
Height – 8 inches

Hoya Heart Plant
Comes in Yellow colour
Pot Height – 4 in
Pot Width – 8.5 in
Material – Ceramic


Vienna Lantern:
Handle with care as it is not shockproof
Handle carefully as some pieces may have sharp edges
Clean with a dry cloth

Hoya Heart plant:
Requires bright indirect sunlight
Once a week watering required
Feed the Hoya Heart Cactus plant monthly with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength
Ideal to grow in bright indoors
Pet safe and Air purifying

Watering Can Ceramic Planter:
Wash the ceramic pots in warm, soapy water
Wipe inside and outside surfaces of pot or let dry in the sun
Handle with care as they might break with a slight jerk