Agave Lophantha Quadricolor Plant


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Agave lophantha the succulent perennial plant is an easy to care plant that you should opt for. Formerly native to the southwestern United States and Mexico, this Agave lophantha plant has flat dark green leaves that grow from a dense rosette base and spiral outwards. Revamp your indoor beauty as this plant comes over a green colour ceramic planter having red out fill on it.


Comes in a green colour ceramic planter

PLEASE NOTE: The plants that you receive at your doorstep may look different from the images shown on our website. The appearance may change because of climate, age, height, shipping, weather, etc. All our plants, in case of damage, are replaceable but not returnable. Terms & Conditions applied.


– Adaptable to very hot weather, since it belongs to desert plant family
– Water carefully, excess watering will make it kill
– Needs slow-release fertilizer to have a full, rich look
– Ideal for indoor plantation and home decor purposes