ZamioCulcas ZZ Plant With White Pot


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In order to add a pop of green to your interiors, this ZamioCulcas ZZ plant with a white plastic planter is the best one can opt for. This plant is widely acclaimed for its easy-going and non-demanding nature. Its wide green leaves add a sumptuous life to any interiors of your home. Place it either on the side table or your office desk and witness the new horizon of beauty around. ZamioCulcas ZZ plant comes over a white colour plastic planter, which adds a new realm towards its beauty.


Comes in white colour plastic planter
Pot Height- 3 inches


– Requires bright indirect light
– Recommended to water once a week
– Ideal to grow in bright and shaded outdoor
– Requires low maintenance and has air purifying capabilities
– Does not need much fertilizer other than a monthly feed