Hoya heart in Pink Heart Pot


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This heart-shaped plant is the best for your Valentine. Hoya Heart Cactus proves a perfect gifting product as far as the environment is concerned. Its glossy green succulent 5-inch heart-shaped leaves, placed in a pink heart shaped pot, eventually grow into a bushy bunch of green hearts. This blossom of many hearts altogether will certainly reflect the amount of care to whom you will gift.


– Pot Height – 3.5 in
– Pot Width – 6.5 in
– Material – Ceramic Pot


-Requires bright indirect sunlight
-Once a week watering required
-Ideal to grow in bright indoors
-Requires low maintenance
-Pet safe and consists of air purifier capabilities
-Feed the Hoya Heart Cactus plant monthly with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength