Double Hoya Heart Plant With Glass Pot


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This heart-shaped plant is the best for your Valentine. Hoya Heart Cactus proves a perfect gifting product as far as the environment is concerned. Its glossy green succulent 5-inch heart-shaped leaves, placed on a transparent glass pot, eventually grow into a bushy bunch of green hearts. This blossom of many hearts altogether will certainly reflect the amount of care to whom you will gift. Besides all, Hoya Heart Plant adds a structure as well as a pop of colour to your interior decor. Keeping this plant defines any section of your home with the amount of care and affection that you have for others. This plant comes on a transparent glass pot making it suitable for gifting purposes.


Comes on a transparent glass pot
Material Size – Height 3.1 inch, Diameter – 4 inch


Requires bright indirect sunlight
Once a week watering required
Ideal to grow in bright indoors
Requires low maintenance
Pet safe and consists of air purifier capabilities
Feed the Hoya Heart Cactus plant monthly with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength