Ficus Compacta Plant In White Pot


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Thinking to make your space worthy for a magazine feature, no need to worry, as with this Ficus Compacta Plant In White Plastic Pot your space will get a wholesome makeover. The large violin-shaped dark green leaves are ample enough to add a blend of cinematography as well as sophistication to any room. Whether it’s next to the sofa or the dining table, this tropical Ficus Compacta plant refreshes your ambience with its great air purification capability. Ficus Compacta plant comes over a white colour plastic planter, which makes this plant a perfect gifting device and also makes it a perfect home decor.


Comes in white colour design planter
Pot Height- 3 inches


– Recommended watering twice a week
– Ideal to grow in bright indoors
– Requires low maintenance and has air purifying capabilities
– No need to fertilize during winters
– During summers fertilize monthly to enhance growth for dense foliage