Set of Kamini Table, Jade, Ficus Bonsai and Pilea Basket Plants


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Plants have always been a sign of natural beauty and having them as home decor, will revamp your indoor decoration in the best possible way. Availing Kamini Table, Jade and Ficus Bonsai plants in sets enthral your household or office beauty and always cherish your mood whenever you will be under stress. The plants come with colourful ceramic planters, making them easy to place anywhere.


Comes in a set of 4
– Pot Height – 4.5 in
– Pot Width – 5.5 in
Yellow, blue, beige and pink diamond-shaped round indoor planter

NOTE: Color of pots may vary depending on the availability as these are made by artisans and are handcrafted


– Being a tropical plant it needs well-drained soil for growth
– Ideal to grow in bright indoors
– Moisture oriented plant needs regular watering
– Refrain overwatering
– Requires balanced fertilizer, approx 1 cup for each bush