Hoya Heart Plants in Black Bowl Pot


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This heart-shaped Hoya Heart Cactus proves a perfect Gift for a loved one. Its glossy green 5-inch heart-shaped succulent leaves are planted in a Black metal Planter – and will eventually grow into a bushy bunch of green hearts. All Hoya Heart Plants add a charm to your interiors. Place this plant in any room of your home to share the love with those you love


– Ideal for Home Decor & Gifting
– Contains: 2 Hoya Heart Plants & metal Planter
– Height of the pot- 2.75 in
– Width of the pot- 5.51 in


Hoya Heart Plant: – Requires bright indirect sunlight, Ideal to grow in bright indoors
– Low maintenance: Water once a week
– Pet safe with of air purifying properties
– Feed the Hoya Heart Cactus plant monthly with water-soluble
fertilizer diluted to half-strength
Metallic Pot:
– Wash with warm water
– Let it air-dry under the sun