Ficus Compacta & Song of India plants in Royal Ceramic Pot Set


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The Ficus Compacta is a Tropical plant that will refresh your Home with its air purifying properties and subtle beauty. Here it is paired with a Song of India plant – which is also easy to grow and both most rewarding of the fat plants and most forgiving of less than ideal care. Both plants are potted in a set of Ceramic planters of different sizes from the same family. This pair is a great choice for both your home and office spaces.


– Carries air-purifying properties
PLEASE NOTE: The plants that you receive at your doorstep may look different from the images shown on our website. The appearance may change because of climate, age, height, shipping, weather, etc. All our plants, in case of damage, are replaceable but not returnable. Terms & Conditions applied.


Ficus Compacta plant:
– Low maintenance: Water twice a week
– Ideal to grow in bright indoors
– No need to fertilize during Winter
– During Summer, fertilize monthly to enhance growth for dense foliage
Song of India plant:
– Requires bright, indirect sunlight, at least four hours a day
– Bottled or purified water is recommended, use less water during winters
– Ideal to grow both indoors and in partial shade outdoors
– Fertilize bi-weekly in the spring & summer with water-soluble fertilizer diluted by half
– No fertilizer needed during the winters