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Pastel Planter

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo in Pastel Pink Planter, Cecilia Plant in Pastel White Planter, Money Plant in Pastel Lemon Planter, Sansevieria Snake Plant in Pastel Lime Planter


This Pastel Planter comes in soothing colour shades – ideal to subtly uplift the energy of your indoor spaces. A neat and tidy solution for you to explore your green thumb with. Made of plastic, this planter will live a long life in your home.
This plant is potted with one of the following air-purifying or succulent plants:
2 Layer Lucky Bamboo
Cecilia Plant
Money Plant
Sansevieria Snake Plant


– Ideal as Home Decor & Gifting
– Planters Material: Plastic
– Number of plants/planters : 4


– Water plant twice a week, avoid overwatering
– Water succulents once a week, avoid overwatering
– Ideal to grow in bright and shaded outdoor
– Requires low maintenance with minimal fertilization during winters
– Rinse the planters and let them air dry in the sun or dry with a clean cloth