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Radermachera China Doll Bonsai


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For the young gardener, the China Doll plant is a popular houseplant because of its high tolerance of low humidity in air. The China doll has lush, attractive foliage snf like the Ficus Bonsai, resembles a tree. It has glossy, light green leaves that are divided into little leaflets. Young Radermachera plants are small and compact, making them perfect additions to your work desk at home or in the office. It will also brighten your counter tops and window sills. This plant comes in pots and planters from our ceramic, terracotta, metal and more collections – choose your favourite.


– Ideal for indoor Green decor
– Has abundant glossy-green, fern-like leaves
– Carries air purifying properties
– This plant comes in our pink diamond planter
– Carries air purifying properties
PLEASE NOTE: The plants that you receive at your doorstep may look different from the images shown on our website. The appearance may change because of climate, age, height, shipping, weather, etc. All our plants, in case of damage, are replaceable but not returnable. Terms & Conditions applied.


Place in cool spot, in soft or indirect sunlight
Plant soil should be moist at all times
Don’t overwater
Remove waste leaves and stems from time to time