Hawarthia Zebra Plant


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Haworthia fasciata is also known as the Zebra Plant. It is a delicate, small succulent houseplant, reaching up to only 5 to 8-inches in height. It has thick, dark green leaves with bumps of white tubercles on the outer surface that are clustered together giving it a “Zebra” effect. This plant comes in pots and planters from our ceramic, terracotta, metal and more collections – choose your favorite.


– Carries air purifying properties
PLEASE NOTE: The plants that you receive at your doorstep may look different from the images shown on our website. The appearance may change because of climate, age, height, shipping, weather, etc. All our plants, in case of damage, are replaceable but not returnable. Terms & Conditions applied.


– Avoid direct sunlight and very shady areas
– Water once a week in Summer and once every two weeks in Winter
– Normal indoor room temperatures: 10°C (50°F) to 29°C (85°F)
– Fertilise once every three months when it’s growing