Hoya Heart Plant & Bluebird Mugs Hamper


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Gift her a Garden this Mother’s Day! The birther, the giver, the nurturer – mother is the superwoman who does everything & more. Take this special day to thank her & express your gratitude with our curated bundles that include Green gifts (plants), handcrafted chocolates and especially designed greeting cards – all made with a lot of love.


This bundle includes:
– Hoya Heart Plant in Yellow Bucket Metal Planter
– Bluebird Mugs
– Greeting card of your choice


Hoya Heart plant:
– Requires bright indirect sunlight
– Water once a week
– Ideal to grow in bright indoors
– Requires low maintenance
– Pet safe and has of air purifying properties
– Feed the Hoya Heart Cactus plant monthly with water-soluble fertilizer diluted to half-strength
Yellow Bucket Metal Planter:
– Do not scratch
– Wash with warm water
– Let it air-dry under the sun
Bluebird Mugs:
– Use hot water and gentle soap to clean the pot
– Rinse well with clean water and let it air-dry