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Article: Aravalii Delivers Luxury Home Decor Online

Aravalii Delivers Luxury Home Decor Online

Aravalii Delivers Luxury Home Decor Online

Everyone aspires for a home that looks right out of a Home Decor online magazine. To help attain this, however, one needs clear vision and direction. Any home should be able to encapsulate the personality, spirit and taste of the people that live in the space.

We may all desire a homespace that matches the pages of home decor magazines but to manage the same, one needs to have decided on at the least, a loose theme. The result of any home decor project that one wishes to undertake must represent the traits of the individuals inhabiting that space. Otherwise, it might look right and yet fail to feel warm or inviting. Therefore, one must aim at taking trends and turning them into something personal by adding elements of their individual personality to uplift the space.

Elements like lighting, colour and texture should be considered with great thought and care when one is looking to make changes to their spaces. Ensuring the selection of each element for any space must be in keeping with the existing room decor. If one is to begin from scratch, it is important to be thorough with research as it is always worth that extra effort. To start right, here is a basic understanding of basic home decor techniques and themes.

Styles of Home Decor
There are very many home decor styles and here are the ones that are presently trending and most adopted by designers.

If yours is a free spirit, your home should be equally so. The Bohemian vibe allows for a lot of fun and colour play in bright shades, textures and patterns – to convey a holistically comforting and cosy vibe. Decor ideas could include bountiful indoor plants, beautiful healing crystals, a sprinkling of fairy lights hanging along the walls and some wooden elements like a bookcase or shelves to complete the earthiness of the theme.

This kind of home theme conveys a nautical or cottage like energy. This theme contains colour play with shades of white and sand with a dominance of blues. It includes elements of unfinished wood, glass bottles, seashells, rope (jute) lamps that will all contribute towards typing the decor space. One can add memories of their escapades to beaches on holidays to add a personal touch to the serene feel of the theme.

Urban home decor is most suited to those who live fast paced lives and draw inspiration from the cosmopolitan living. It gives elements of modern, edgy and stylish, with very many design elements coming together in perfect chaotic harmony. One could opt for a king sized bed with a variety of differently sized pillows and cushions that are complemented perfectly by full size mirrors and an interesting patterned carpet.

Find beautiful pieces for your Home decor on Aravalii

Here are some home decor products you can find on our website:

Plant Shop

Create a garden in a sweet little corner or out of an entire wall space as a vertical garden in your living space. You can accent the lush green of the indoor plants with our variety of planters – in metal, ceramic, terracotta and brass. Depending on the space, we house plants and planters in sizes that would suit tiny bedroom corners or desktops and even bigger floor planters. You can choose a simple lucky bamboo or money plant for your work desk or sets of 6, 7, 8 or even more in varying planters to suit your indoor/vertical garden.

Kitchen & Dining

Our collection of Tableware and Kitchenware will blow your mind not just with its beauty but also the sheer opulence of variety. Not only do we house the most charming studio pottery as ceramic crockery but also wonderful woodenware and enchanting metal pieces that will light up your daily meals and special soirees. Our cutlery comes in gold and silver plating and will mark you as a trail blazer as everyone and their mother will want to know where you got it from. Shop the collection to uplift your home spaces & energy.

Add our decor pieces into your home setting to curate your own personal signature. The Lanterns come in Stainless steel and brass and are promise to be both premium and show stealing. We also house vases and lamps in both bright and muted shades, and the most breathtaking collection of blue pottery you will ever have laid eyes on – donne your walls with these and you will abundantly happy with the results. We also have enchanting aromatic diffusers that will change the very energy of your space alongside animal figurines to make your space pop. Browse and choose with joy!

Shop online Home Decor Items

If your plan is to redo your home’s interiors, there are very many products you can choose from our vast array on Aravalii’s website. Our collection includes all the elements already mentioned above in addition to beautiful ceramic sets for your bathroom, interesting utility pieces for your homespaces like candles, votives, clocks and the most heartwarming collection of drinkware. Browse for great prices, the best deals, free shipping and option on Cash on Delivery and Speed Post.

How can I beautify my home from the inside?
Home Decor is all about uplifting the interiors of one’s home to convey a pristine ambience. One must consider factors like lighting, color, texture, size, patterns and alignment in choosing the theme of their home space. To begin with, one can research the right kind of decor elements that go with the existing layout – including the curtains, furniture and linens. Further, if one is looking to do up the entire space by starting from square one, it sis vital to have a style in mind to curate the space around the pre decided theme. Some of the popular styles are:

Bohemian: This style allows for flexibility to exercise one's creativity and give physical, out-of-body embodiment to their inner world – with plants and planters, dream-catchers and a lot of tassels!

Vintage: A safe and classic choice, one can never go wrong with choosing to go vintage with their space! A curation of antiquities including wood-carving furniture, curtains with accents like layers and beautiful heirloom pieces, Modern: A minimalistic approach to homespaces that declares less is most! This style is empowering with close to no effort and carries a collective of chic and quirky elements with ease and nonchalance to convey modernity.

Home decor: what is it?
Home decor elements are created and curated for the simple purpose of accentuating interiors of any home. What one puts into their home is a reflection of them as a person – thats why it becomes an activity close to the heart for every individual to do up their space, whether its a one bedroom or studio apartment or their first home. Each and every big and little corner becomes something to joyfully curate with elements that convey their personhood – which can be found as home decor for sale online.

These options are available in abundance on online marketplaces and websites – hundreds of portals with millions of options – one of them being Aravalii. There are various categories that home decor is split under:

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