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Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is going to give you information on how your personal information is used not used through the website. We request you to carefully go through the Privacy Policy before proceeding with the website and adding your personal information.

Our Privacy Policy is going to give you information on how your personal information is used not used through the website. We request you to carefully go through the Privacy Policy before proceeding with the website and adding your personal information.


On you can choose to provide us with your name, email id, company address, home address, phone number, area pinched and other relevant information used to follow up after you exit the website. Please do note that your personal information is not limited to your name, email address, phone number, location, etc.


Once you register, Aravalii will have access to your personal information phone number, email address, billing and shipping address from your browser's IP address and cookie information. Aravalii also may use third-party contractors and service providers. These contractors and providers are bound to protect your information on a contractual basis.


Making your experience seamless: We will use your information to share emailers, text messages with offers or calls.

For third party services: The information is provided to the Aravalii's third-party services who help us in website management, IT infrastructure, customer service, etc. Please be rest assured that your information is used only to provide you with a seamless service.


We do not share or sell any personal information provided not the website. The information is shared only with the third-party service providers and they will use the information as per what has been instructed to them by Aravalii.

Aravalii will disclose your information:
• Under applicable law, counting those outside of your residential country;
• To enforce Aravalii's terms & conditions;
• In order to limit the damages that we have to sustain.

If even there is ever a reorganization, sale, joint venture, transfer, merger or any disposition of our business, your personal information will then be transferred to the relevant third party.

Aravalii may have to share information with the government or other agencies assisting us in fraud prevention.

If and when Aravalii goes through a transition like a merger, acquisition, sale, etc., your personal information collected through the website will be transferred. A notice will be put up on our website at least for a month after any such change in ownership/ control.


We make sure that we have the customer's consent prior to using, processing their personal information, which includes confidential data before sharing it with any third party service agencies.

Aravalii also receives consent for using or placing cookies on a customer's computer or other electronic devices.


Be rest assured, Aravalii ensures proper security measures are taken while storing the data internally or in the supplier systems.


All your information is secure with us and is accessible only to our team and third-party service providers. We practice industry standards of security through legally binding terms and conditions. You are liable for maintaining the security of information about your passwords, email ID, and any other kind of authentication involved in securing the information.


You may notice, like other websites, when you visit Aravalii and complete the registration form, we will install a cookie on your web browser. This will only help us in identifying you better once you return to Aravalii. Most of the browsers allow you to refuse to accept cookies, you will not be denied access to any segment of the website if you choose to refuse to accept cookies, but your transaction might be delayed as it takes time to re-enter the information.


Aravalii will retain your information only till the time your account is active on or as needed to provide you services.


If you have any queries regarding the Privacy Policies, please reach out to us at +91 9873460000 or email us at


We may update the Privacy Policy from time to time. If you continue to avail of the services of Aravalii, it constitutes an acceptance of the then Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.


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