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Plants are a world of fresh goodness that we have access to in terms of decorating our personal and work spaces. Plants don't only elevate the look and feel of one’s space but they offer an abundance of goodness to our health and lifestyle and are unmatched as a choice for us to purchase online from Aravalii’s online plant shop.

Buy Plants Online in India from Aravalii

 Why Indoor Plants?

The world’s population is moving towards becoming more and more conscious about the environment, and so one is able to witness a stark rise in green areas around. Urban cities allow for more confined spaces, so comes into being a new trend that is gaining momentum by the name Indoor plants.

An indoor garden can become a safe haven away from the outside world and also a source of great joy to people who interact with it on a daily basis. Bringing home new plants, whether one lives in a small apartment space or a large home, will start to improve one’s well being and overall moods.

What are Indoor Plants?
Indoor Plants is the name given to plants that are able to thrive when placed indoors because of their capacity to sustain in low-light. These plants are perfect for locations that don't receive enough sunlight. Some great examples of indoor plants are - Chinese Evergreen, Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, Aloe Vera, Succulents and more.

How to Care for Indoor Plants?
One must realize that Indoor plants do not need too much sunlight to survive. They can be placed in indirect sunlight without a second thought. It is important to note the ideal time span after which to water your plant. The best way to track this is by ensuring that you only water the plant when the top layer of the soil is dry. This can be done by performing a simple test; poking either one’s finger or a wooden stick into the soil to figure whether the topsoil is dry or not.

Another important prerequisite for the good health of indoor plants is ensuring access to some sunlight. Once a week, make sure to offer your Indoor Plants a hearty glimpse of the sun shining. One could take them to their balcony or even the terrace. While they sustain in low-light, sunlight remains important like all other plants. 

Where to Buy Indoor Plants?
Aravalii has a large selection of Indoor Plants to browse through. One can find a vast variety of plants for the indoors on our website. These plants come in a variety of shapes, sizes and even styles. Bring home these living wonders at economical prices and brighten up any corner of your home with green decor.

Indoor Plants: Pots & Planters
One must be careful about the plant’s roots sitting in just the right amount of moisture, because excess water will cause the plant roots to gradually rot, further diminishing the plant's capacity to absorb nutrients and the soil’s moisture. To help ascertain your ability to keep your plants alive – and strengthen your capacity as a plant parent, it is ideal to keep every plant in a pot that has drainage holes at the bottom.

Indoor Plants that Thrive in Low Light
The Indoor plants we house on aravalii.com include the Sansevieria Snake Plant, Peace Lily or the Spathiphyllum, variations of the Lucky bamboo plant, Variations of the Chinese Evergreen or Aglaonema & many more that are ideal choices for homes and offices with little to no natural light from the sun. These particular plants are able to thrive in low-light conditions and are also easy to nurture and care for. 

Indoor Plants for Hanging
Slowly, people are recognising how to make the most of any space with the help of simple means like choosing to take the plants up into the air by turning them into hanging plants. Indoor hanging plants are really the hottest trend as far as plant trends go. Not only do indoor hanging plants allow for your interiors to become instantly more inviting and regal looking, they also make the indoor environment healthier to breathe.
Some popular indoor plants used for hanging include Syngoniums, Ferns, Golden Pothos, Spider Plants, Money Plants, Grape Ivy and many more.

Air Purifying Indoor Plants
Allowing the goodness of Indoor plants into your home can offer various benefits including the purification of air around you, the removal of toxins from the air and the creation of a positive, uplifted environment.
According to NASA, the best air-purifying plant list includes Money plant, Peace Lily plant, Spider plant, Aglaonema plant, Bamboo plant and more.

Indoor Flowering Plants
If one is looking for Indoor plants with blossoms or flowers to place around their home, the Peace Lily and Anthurium are great choices.

Indoor Plants for Living Room
Does your living space need some sprucing up with the help of green decor? Choose indoor plants for the job and experience an upliftment in your indoor space and energy.
Our collection of indoor plants will not only purify the air in your apartment but also detox it of toxins and allow your lungs to breathe better and cleaner.

Indoor Plants for Oxygen
If one would like to choose indoor plants for their positive properties like oxygen production, the ideal options to go with are Peace Lily plant, Sansevieria Snake plants, Palm plants and Succulents.

The more the leaves on a plant and the greater the size of the leaves of the plant is directly proportional to the amount of oxygen the plant produces.

Indoor Plants for the Bedroom
Aravalii’s plant nursery is filled with indoor plants to choose from for your personal space. These will be able to elevate your bedroom’s decor dramatically with minimal effort.
Some interesting indoor plants one could place in their bedroom for the purpose of cleansing the indoor air of toxins include Peace Lily plant, Weeping Fig plant, Sansevieria Snake plant, English Ivy, Dragon Tree plant, Golden Pothos plant, Boston Fern plant and more. 

Indoor Plants for Decoration
Plants are an interesting element to use as decor given that they are living beings and make your indoor spaces feel uplifted and joyful in an instant. They create a calmness in your spaces – a serene and breezy energy that causes intrigue and aesthetic beauty.

Indoor Plants in the Office
Plants placed inside an office space are able to enhance productivity and contribute towards relieving work related stress.
The benefits of indoor plants are numerous and simply placing them in spaces one spends majority of their weeks is a definite path to avail and make the most of these.

Gift a Life: Gift a Plant
The online shopping of live green plants is on the rise in the present world and Aravalii’s online plant nursery is a frontrunner in the space with our vast variety of indoor plants and succulents.

Gifting is a special practice and surprises make for the most delightful gifts. Aravalii is able to offer you the best services in Gifting loved ones with mementos that not only surprise them but also add copiously to their lives.

You can send plants across the country from Aravalii’s online plant shop through our seamless process and impeccable delivery service. Gifting a live plant is quite special as it is a living being and requires nurturing, care and a lot of love.

When one gifts someone a plant, they are bestowing them with blessings and good tidings just as one would wish the best for new parents – because looking after a plant is very similar to caring for one’s child.

Plants produce oxygen and that makes them all the more valuable to us – giving us all the more reason to look after them and protect them. One can place orders for air-purifying indoor plants on Aravalii’s online plant shop to decorate one’s home with live green decor.

One may also buy plants online from Aravalii’s online plant nursery for friends and family. These plant gifts can be easily and seamlessly delivered to their addresses through our impeccable delivery service.

One can browse through our plant selection with ease and choose favourites based on personal taste and preference as gifts or for their own home. In a single click one can make a purchase of any plant with ease.

There’s a long list of indoor plants to explore for gifting on aravalii.com – here are some examples:

  • When a bonsai plant is gifted it conveys deep meaning. Certain cultures and traditions say that bonsai plants cannot die – and this fact is taken as a parallel with the human soul that never dies. Therefore, gifting a loved one a bonsai plant is a token of goodness and value that conveys that life is meaningful and must be preserved with love and care.

  • When one buys a money plant online for a loved one, they are blessing them with prayers of prosperity, wealth and goodness in their life.

  • When one shops for a bamboo plant online as a gift for loved ones, one is conveying and manifesting their happiness, prosperity and healthy long life.

Buy Plants Online for Fresh Air

One can buy plants online from Aravalii’s plant nursery in India for the best quality plants that can be bought online and delivered anywhere in the country and even the world. Indoor plants are also called houseplants and generally include lucky bamboo plants, money plants, aglaonema plants or chinese evergreen, sansevieria snake plant and many more.

If one was to consider from the perspective of good health, indoor plants are mostly air-purifying which make for the practice of living well and breathing clean and clear air. 

Aravalii’s online plant nursery in India caters to the very many needs of young plant parents and customers in general. We would recommend the purchase of plants by buying plants online to save on time that can be better utilized by you instead of making a trip to your closest nursery. Shopping for plants online is a wholesome way to uplift the look and energy of your indoor spaces. You can also share the positivity with dear ones both near and far by buying plants online for them and having us deliver them to their doorstep with a lot of love. 

Spreading Green Positive Beauty & Luck with Plants
People are increasingly turning to gifting plants instead of flowers, chocolates and other traditional choices that have been in the past. Live green plants are known to uplift the quality of air and subsequently, quality of life of people dwelling in the spaces the plants occupy.

If one wishes for good luck and good health of their friends and family, one can convey the same by choosing a houseplant that is able to convey these wishes and prayers to them – like the money plant, the bonsai plant, the lucky bamboo plant or the holy tulsi plant. All of these plants are known to bring good tidings and can be bought on aravalii’s online plant nursery.

These plants make for the perfect gifts that bring goodness and serenity into the lives of those we love. They may be placed anywhere inside the home – be it a sweet little corner, a balcony garden, a terrace garden, a courtyard, mantle or any other spot in your home.

You can give your interiors a makeover by adding houseplants and consequently uplifting the energy and vibration of the space with bursts of green colour and life.

Aravalii: The Best Online Plant Shop
Aravalii has access to the entire country in gifting and delivering plants and more to loved ones from buying online. One can send plants anywhere in the country be it Pune, Delhi Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore or any other city, big or little with a single click. Shopping for plants online has become the new go to for all shopaholics and shoppers alike. Aravalii is also able to deliver anywhere in the world if one so requires. 

The online purchase of plants has become a new favorite – as has the promotion of greenery in people’s homes and lives. Aravalii has proved itself as one of the best plant shops that is able to both cater to people’s needs and serve them with a cause that is noble and natural. One can order plants from Aravalii’s online plant shop from anywhere in the country or even the world to have it delivered anywhere in the country and even the world.

Buy Best Plants Online from Aravalii
If one is looking to buy plants online – they simply have to go onto aravalii.com and browse our curated selection of indoor plants and succulents that have been able to delight so many of our customers over and over again. If bringing joy to your loved ones is your priority, it is important to ensure that you choose the right plant for the person you want to gift from our endless collection.

Set of 5 Plants to Bring Home or Gift
This set of 5 plants can be brought home or gifted as a bundle or individually to convey love and nurturing to a dear one. It is an ideal set that includes 1 money plant, 1 jade plant, 1 pothos plant, 1 bamboo plant, 1 snake plant. This cluster of fresh plants will create a joyful ambience with their presence in your homespace or that of the home and life of those you love.

Gift or Bring Home Ficus Bonsai
Bonsai Plants are well known as being goodness filled and even helpful plants. Whether one is making the purchase for their home or office – the presence of this plant will be able to brighten up the place beautifully. Choose from our selection on aravalii.com to bring your bonsai home today.

Buy Ficus Compacta for Home or Gifting
If one wishes to take their room decor to the optimal level, the ficus compacta is an ideal plant to add lush green foliage that will add a burst of colour to your interiors. This can go with any ceramic or metal planter and make for a great gift for loved ones.

Jade Plant for Home or Gifting
Jade is the most interesting and easy to care for plant while also being one of the favorites for plant loves world over. The plant can be potted in a terracotta, metal or ceramic planter and placed in the bedroom, living room, bathroom or even balcony.

Plants for Celebrations
Celebrations are a great time for gift giving and exchange of goodness and love. One should never be confused while shopping for gifts – just browse through the selection

and see what resonates best with the person one needs to gift. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a housewarming or the holiday season, a plant is a great way to say you care and a wonderful token of goodness and good tidings to come. One can choose Orchid plants, Poinsettia plants, ZZ plants, Money plants or even Jade plants and more. Choose one to bestow upon your loved ones on their special days and feel the warmth all around with Aravalii’s goodness from our online Plant Shop. 

We deliver plants online to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala and many more big cities & even smaller towns.