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Buy Stainless Steel & Glass and Brass & Glass Lanterns, Candle Holders & Votives

Aravalii Lanterns can be placed in your home on your mantle, in dimly lit corners to bring in brightness and as centerpieces on your dinner table as part of the setting. Aravalii Lanterns are handcrafted with expertise and care to ensure a high quality finish for your home decor & gifting. Made from premium quality stainless steel, brass and glass, buy lanterns online from this range that shines with a finesse that is suited for special gifting occasions & to further enhance home decor. All our Lanterns Candle Holder and Votives are handmade with swinging doors or openings to access the inside space that can hold our handmade candles or fit flowers & foliage if one so chooses. Buy lanterns online today for your loved ones. Buy lanterns online from Aravalii and ensure the receipt of quality products through a safe delivery home. All our lanterns are designed to suit the interiors of neutral, modern spaces. The upside of bringing home lantern candle holders and votives is an upgrade to your interior space and energy alike. Our lanterns come in a variety of styles and sizes and in singles or sets of twos and threes or more, depending on your needs. We have hanging lantern candle holders and votives and mantle & table-top lantern candle holders and votives – buy lanterns online for your Home & Gifting. Our lanterns can be used as centerpieces for formal table settings to cornerpieces indoors or in the garden or balcony. Buy lanterns online from Aravalii for an easy and satisfying shopping experience. They don’t only enhance the beauty of your interiors and other spaces but also add subtle character to them. When you order our Lanterns, they reach you in entirely recyclable & sustainable packaging. The range of our collection can be used across a myriad of placements and styles of decor. While the Stainless Steel & Glass lanterns have a more modern look and feel, the Brass & Glass lanterns give off a more traditional and rustic aura. Buy lanterns online for a feeling of bright newness in your old comfortable spaces. Our lanterns that you see online are exactly like the ones you will receive at home. They are accompanied by care instructions and FAQs. We are the most thoughtful Home Decor & Gifting brand based out of Delhi – making sure to not only consider the beauty of a product and the value it will add to any space but also mindful about the sustainable nature of Aravalii as a brand and our carbon footprint. We deliver lanterns online to Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kerala, J&K and many more big cities & even smaller towns.

Lanterns are carriers of light that mark auspicious moments with their gentle presence. We at Aravalii house a collection of handcrafted lantern candle holders and votives made of Stainless steel & Brass. You can find beautiful modern designs in the stainless steel section and more intricate and traditional styles in the brass selection – all beautifully handcrafted – buy lanterns online at www.aravalii.com.

The Lanterns can be placed on your bedside or in a dimly lit corner of your bedroom – they can even be placed in your living area near the balcony doors. Fill them with our handcrafted candles or get imaginative and fill them with fairy lights or even dried and blooming flowers. You can also use a personalized lantern set inside the very entrance of your home or even on your porch if it is a sufficiently safe spot from rainfall.

Gifting is another remarkable purpose for our handcrafted lanterns. Whether it is a birthday, an anniversary, a housewarming, a Rakhi celebration or the joy of a promotion, it is worthy to buy lanterns online as lantern candle holders and votives make for special gifts. Being carriers of light – there is something intensely poignant and memorable about an occasion marked by the ritualistic presence of a lantern candle holder or votives. Finding lanterns online is easy on www.aravalii.com as the collection is of the highest quality and ideal for gifting to friends and family on special occasions.

Buy Lantern online to surprise your best friend at the end of a difficult week. There is no better pick-me-up than a beautifully handcrafted present that accurately conveys thoughtful fondness. Buy a lantern to give your mother around the time you plan to move out – leave her with a memory to last, something beautiful that will remind her of her child who then grew up.

The Stainless Steel & Glass collection of lanterns & candle holders is named after European cities and famous sites & buildings like the Tower of London and the Colosseum. Giving someone a gift from this collection is momentous and special : a sign of loving loyalty and fondness.