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Article: Buy Plants Online In Mumbai

Buy Plants Online In Mumbai

Buy Plants Online In Mumbai

Plant lovers are always keen to find the best, most affordable plants possible. They are always on the lookout for a local plant nursery. Whether one is tending to a flourishing outdoor garden or a terrace or balcony garden or a kitchen garden, it will sustain with the daily growth of plants through a natural environment.

Mentioned below are practices to tend to and care for your own balcony garden, terrace garden or balcony garden.

Ways to tend to your balcony garden in Mumbai

The process of buying plants in Mumbai proves to be an interesting and enriching experience for one’s soul. It isnt easy to describe to someone with little interest in gardening and plants.

If you live in Mumbai, you will wonder – which is the best place to buy plants online in Mumbai? It is the year 2022 and one has a multitude of options in plants to choose from. It is easy to find access to plants in cities that have plenty of plant nurseries with access to buying plants online in Mumbai.

Being city dwellers in the lap of urban life makes it easy to forget the joys pf simplicity and nature – but it is not all in vain. Aravalii is a plant nursery to buy plants in Mumbai – making your garding dreams a waking reality. We offer the plants, our expertise, services and the sheer unmatched joy of green decor. One has to simply make up their mind and they will be able to access plants online in Mumbai – and we will do all the work for you in bringing you your chosen plants. We are happy to help and deliver!

From Aravalii – you will be able to buy plants online in Mumbai, alongside rich soils.

Plants one can grow in Mumbai

Being a coastal region, Mumbai is known for its tropical-wet climate and high humidity – with a high average temperature of about 28 degrees celsius. The metropolitan city is infamous not only for its extreme humidity but also for the clustered infrastructure as a result of booming urban living.

People who live in apartments can also wish for an indoor or balcony or terrace garden with their own plants and vegetables. With the right nurturing and environment, one can possibly grow almost any vegetable or plant.

One needs to consider the right quality of soil when growing vegetables. The ideal soil to grow vegetables in Mumbai is an organic potting mix. One part of each of the following: peat moss, perlite or sand, vermiculite, and potting soil will allow you to make your very own. If its a balcony garden one is curating, it is worth considering the plants that thrive in direct sunlight and the ones that prefer partial shade.It is important to place plants and pots in accordance to this.

Smaller planters of just 10-12 inches are better suited to growing smaller vegetables such as coriander, chilies and mint.

Indoor Plants: buy plants online in Mumbai

Buy Plants Online in Mumbai

It is a wise idea to choose plants like Syngonium, Aglaonema, Pothos, Peace Lily, Palm, Aloe Vera, Kalanchoe and even succulents for your home indoor garden. It is important to be mindful of certain factors when deciding to garden: great access to water and a wholesome drainage system in the area. Balconies tend to slope and tip in the direction of a drain – it is important to make sure one isn't blocking this drain, especially during the Monsoons.

The Monsoon season causes a downpour that can cause nutrients to be drained away, so it is important to inspect one’s plants on a regular basis, also change their positioning based on their needs and tend to them with comport tea and fertiliser. It is also important to line the planters with a layer of plastic during the course of summer season, especially the month of May as a preventive measure towards excess evaporation.

Is it important to Garden in Mumbai?

Metropolitan cities that thrive to the beat of their own drum are capacitated to support dense population in a relatively small space. Clustered spaces, crowded commutes, inequity, encroachment, poor infrastructure, deforestation and the many pollutants; air, water, noise – and the biggest of matters – the ongoing dilemma of how to properly manage waste – are all a weight on the shoulders of city dwelling citizens.

Mumbai is one such city with a lack of green spaces – but with plenty potential for transformations. More flora and foliage is an ascertained way of to reduce the impact of pollution. Plants like bushes and trees, indoor plants, a herbal garden, vegetable crops, flowers also help in checking pollution. They cause a steady elimination of pollutants by reducing the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while also increasing the levels of oxygen presence. Being able to produce one’s own food will help people in eating healthier and will also lead to lesser solid waste – which in turn will lead to one not having to be concerned about the increasing landfills. The matter of water scarcity is aggravated by the heavy need of water used in irrigation to produce vegetables. By choosing to grow one's own food, one is indirectly addressing this matter as well.

Importance of gardening since the onset of the Pandemic:

Our way of life has been heavily altered by the pandemic. People have had to make a shift from spending lots of time outside the house to staying more and more within the safety of their homes. This time has made people realise the need to be more self dependent and self reliant.

Whether one is a seasoned gardener or a new plant parent, one can find plants with the click of a button – plants online in Mumbai. Not only does nurturing an indoor garden encourage one’s health, it also causes for instances if joy with the blossoming of flowers and more.

Why buy plants online in Mumbai from Aravalii:

Why buy plants online in mumbai from aravalii

Aravalii houses the highest quality of indoor plants. An online platform for home decor that sells a selection of indoor plants for purchase online in Mumbai. We are proud to offer our vast collection of high quality live products, hassle-free shipping and very attentive customer service.

Aravalii delivers its collection of air purifying plants, succulents and more to your home in Mumbai. Seasonal flowers, aromatic plants, aquatic plants, ferns, cacti, landscape plants, indoor plants, bamboo plants and many more can be bought online in Mumbai. All of these are affordably priced and available for purchase for the indoor garden of one’s dreams.

All one needs is the desire, the passion and the quality time needed to engage in the tending of an indoor garden. For the new age gardener, plants can be bought online in Mumbai wit the click and a swipe – easy and simple.

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