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Just how the celebration of Diwali or Christmas is never truly finished, we begin the new year with overly positive greetings and words for each other – trying to make room for a fresh and revitalised energy. With the end of the first month in the new year, there comes a quiet stillness that is sufficiently recovered from with the one thing that heals all, LOVE. Here is a guide to gifting your loved one this Valentine’s day; a token of love or a small simple momento to convey the genuinity of your emotions to them. Browse through our suggestions from Aravalii’s gift shop, and choose your favourite option that best suits your loved one.

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

The day of love is the most wonderful chance to tell the woman in your life that she is special. Valentine’s day gifts for Her are not an easy thing to choose – so be wise and put your thinking cap on! Based on tradition, this day is an ideal chance for couples to declare the true depths of their feelings through gifts. So, if you’re looking for a present to say you care for your girlfriend, fiance, wife or even a close friend you may have caught feelings for – read on!

It is now possible to send online Valentine’s Day gifts to your significant other. This is definitely a sure-shot way of making her feel loved and special. This is also the most ideal way to convey your love to a partner you live far away from because a git you buy her online for Valentine's day will make her feel your presence even in your absence.

Here is a list of pointers to direct you in choosing the perfect Valentine’s day gift for her that says you care:

  • A common trend in choosing Valentine’s day Gifts for Her entails sending chocolates, flowers, heart shaped trinkets like jewellery, teddy bears and other soft toys, cake or cupcakes, dry fruit, lingerie and a cute shirt or dress. Valentine’s is a week-long celebration that commences on 7 February and goes on till the 14th which is the official Day of Love. The week pans out as follows:
  • 7 February: Rose Day
  • 8 February: Propose Day
  • 9 February: Chocolate Day
  • 10 February: Teddy Day
  • 11 February: Promise Day
  • 12 February: Kiss Day
  • 13 February: Hug Day
  • 14 February: Valentine’s Day
  • To truly do something thoughtful and heartfelt that touches your girlfriend’s heart, why not choose to convey the love in the form of a live plant or succulent that she can keep in her room and care for just as you both together nurture your relationship? Aravalii’s Plant Shop houses our collection of Hoya Hearts that are glossy green heart-shaped succulents potted in a variety of pots and planters. Choose your perfect love plant at aravalii.com and send it to your person today!
  • Plants are a beautiful way to say you love her! There exists a wide range of plants that are full of love and say the words on your behalf. As plants need care, watering, sunlight and proper upkeep – they end up needing some nurturing, time and effort – somewhat like an investment, like any relationship. You can choose from Aravalii’s collection of Poinsettia with its bright red velvety leaves, the Aglaonema Valentine with its baby pink and green leaves, the Aglaonema lipstick with its pinkins-red and green leaves and pink stems – all dressed for the day of love in a variety of ceramic, metal and terracotta pots and planters! Choose your favourite from Aravalii’s Plant Shop.
  • To do something slightly more special than the regular run of the mill Valentines gifting – you could choose to declare your feelings with a unique handcrafted lantern that is a carrier of light and highly symbolic in conveying a feeling of goodness and passion. Choose this as a Valentine’s day gift for Her to make her day and your life! Browse through the collection on wwwaravalii.com – with lanterns in metal & glass, brass & glass and stainless steel & glass.
  • Gifts of love are a special thing as the choosing process is almost as loving as the gift giving process. Aravalii houses the most darling selection of trinket trays and dishes along with jewellery boxes that will light up your girlfriend’s face as much as they will her space! Valentine’s Gifts for Her were never so joyful and hassle-free – visit aravalii.com and browse now!
  • Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than a coupling – a coming together – something for two. And nothing says you care more than a little element added to your daily routine! Go to Aravalii’s selection of mugs to choose a perfect pair as your Valentine’s Day gift for Her! A wide selection of ceramic mugs in every colour of love with the most delightful detailing and glazes. Named after the birds of the world, You can’t go wrong by choosing a mug from aravalii.com!
  • Choose to tell your partner you care with a special personal gesture – for instance, if she loves cooking and hosting people, gift her a beautiful piece from Aravalii’s Kitchen & Dining selection. Ceramic, Wooden, Marble and Metal serving trays and cheese boards or even a beautiful set of 8 dinner plates to shine at the next brunch she hosts! You can also select gold plated cutlery for her and make her day. Valentines day gifts for her should’nt be a tedious task but a beautiful journey from your thought inception to the gift giving!
  • Valentine’s day is an occasion that may well be ignored but when celebrated the right way – it becomes the very icing on top of the cake that may be your relationship! In the present day world it is not really easy to say how we feel and gifts are the means we lean on to do the job for us. Do the job right by putting your heart, thought and love into the process. Go toaravalii.com and browse our collections to choose the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for her!

    Valentine’s Gifts for Him

    The week leading up to Valentine’s Day is also known as Valentine’s week – which is like a series of dreamy scenes out of a romantic movie in the lives of couples in relationships. A simple four letter word, Love is able to offer a view of life through rose-tinted glasses. To those in love, Valentine’s day is a beautiful day to celebrate the oceans of emotions between them.

    Stepping into the new year, we realise that relationships and love don’t carry the same generalised stereotypes as before – there is a shift in the nature of relationship dynamics where men and women both look to make their partners feel special through support, presents and gestures. It’s not only one person’s job and in that regard we have been able to gather some semblance of equality.

    Gifting is an extremely exhilarating process and truly – why should boys have all the fun? Let the tables turn and gear up to surprise your boyfriend with something special that conveys your love to him. Just a small token or a gentle gesture to convey that you care.

    Shopping for men isn’t as easy as shopping for women – so this part tends to get a little bit tricky – choosing the perfect Valentine’s day Gift for Him. When we think about the person we love, choosing to express the love through something thoughtful and momentous is the best idea.

    A trend that has ruled the Valentine’s space for generations is gifting according to Valentine’s week events – which begins with Rose Day on 7 February and ends on Valentine’s Day on 14 February. It is likely that men and boys give roses to women and girls – but who is to say that flowers are only women’s to have? Shake up tradition by gifting your man roses this Valentine’s day.

    There is a false narrative that has been around for generations, claiming that men are difficult to shop for and that finding gifts for men is too much of a task, so it's better left to be avoided. Here you will find a list of suggestion you can choose from to buy Valentine’s Gifts for Him online from aravalii.com:

    Encouraging your partner into testing his green thumb through nurturing and caring for another living being – this is a beautiful and encouraging idea for a Valentine’s Day Gift for Him. A living plant makes for a great Gift of Love for your man. Choose a simple one which is easy to care for from Aravalii’s Plant Shop – a Hoya Heart, which is literally a heart-shaped succulent and therefore very easy to care for, or even a Moon Cactus, which is bright and colourful and also quite simple to care for. All our succulents come potted in beautiful metallic, ceramic and terracotta planters – choose your favourite. You can also browse through an array of other plants and succulents on www.aravalii.com

    More plant options as Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him would include the Aglaonema Valentine with baby pink and green variegated leaves, the Poinsettia with its bright red velvety leaves or the Aglaonema Lipstick with reddish-pink leaves and a baby pink stem. These air-purifying plants will contribute towards the health of your partner by removing toxins from the air inside their home and maintaining its purity on a daily basis. They will also encourage in your partner the capacity to nurture, care and look after another life.

    If your man is a good chef and enjoys preparing a beautiful spread for you and your friends – spoil him silly with our collection of platters and other serveware from Aravalii’s Kitchen & Dining section. Our collection houses Serveware in Ceramic, Woodware and even Marble to put a smile on your happy host partner’s face. The platters in Ceramic may be used to serve chips and dip, hummus and pita or even homemade flatbreads. The wooden collection of cheese boards is truly a delightful one with different shapes, sizes and designs. These cheese boards may also make shifts as charcuterie boards for a grander spread. Beautiful marble trays and platters will add to your evenings hosting together.

    All people tend to have minds as busy as their lives. In the fast paced world we live in, everyone is always running from one place to another, chasing one task or another, meeting one need or another. To counter the noise of the ongoing mundanity, choose to give a gift of love in the form of Chimes – a perfect Valentine’s day Gift for Him. Visit www.aravalii.com to choose from our variety of colours in dark shades and light to choose your favourite set of Chimes that best suits your boyfriend's personality and space. The Chimes will offer to him a degree of calmness, tranquillity and peace that is possibly unmatched in the fullness of his everyday life.

    Men have a bad reputation of keeping their spaces, especially their bathrooms, very messy. This Valentine’s day, surprise your boyfriend with something smart and utilitarian that also looks very neat and tidy inside their bathroom space. Choose from our range of bathroom sets in different colours, designs and sizes – all made of ceramic. This set of 3 will do an extraordinary job of uplifting any bathroom, despite the mess that may exist around.

    You can also choose to go with an interesting figurine from Aravalii’s Home decor selection – made of resin and adorned with only the highest quality paint, our animal figurines are truly the quirkiest selection that include geometric elephants, horses, cats and even foxes. Your partner can place these in their bedroom for them to be reminded of you every morning as they rise from slumber or in their workspace/office which gives them a glow of warmth in the middle of a busy day, hard at work. You can also choose our staggering lion’s head bust or even a raging bull or running horse.

    It’s time to stop being steered around and instead take the wheel – express yourself and your love in a big and bright way this Valentine’s day – do it with a gift from Aravalii. Don't waste any time, get started now as your boy/man friend waits to be swept off their feet with your perfect Valentine’s day Gift for Him.