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Organically grown from the intention to share warmth and cultivate care, Aravalii is a brand about Home with profound products for Gifting. Our quality and handiwork are unmatched and our Gift Boxes are complete with artisanal, handmade chocolates and other sweet surprises.


Aravalii communicates emotions through thoughtful Gifting. Luxury, Sustainability and Quality are words that resonate deeply with us as a brand. Trust us and we will bring the joy!

Our diverse product range transcends traditional boundaries, featuringcategories like home decor, kitchen and dining essentials, a unique plant shopwith distinctive offerings, and enchanting lanterns. Each piece in ourcollection is not just an item; it's a narrative of craftsmanship, tradition,and empowerment, reflecting our unwavering commitment to providing an impactfuland enriching shopping experience that resonates with your soul. Welcome to arealm where every choice you make echoes far beyond the purchase—it echoes inthe empowerment of artisans and the celebration of their incredible artistry.


We celebrate, support and preserve craft editions and time honored techniques from across India.


Artists with national and international accolades are the crafters of our product range


Aravalii relies on ethical sourcing from local craftsmen, artisans & vendors, while emphasizing the employment of women. We ensure that our products are being obtained in a responsible & sustainable way, the artisans involved in making them are safe and treated fairly.


We ethically source recyclable materials, upholding stringent social and environmental standards, to demonstrate our unwavering dedication to


Collaboration is at the very heart of what we do. It takes many voices to create a movement and we are looking for artisans, artists, craftsmen, people from other walks of life to join us in our journey.