6 Reasons to Shop from Aravalii

6 Reasons to Shop from Aravalii

Aravalii is an ecommerce store that houses the most unique curated collections of handcrafted utility & decor products. Our handmade products are all ethically sourced from across the country, alongside the highest quality indoor plants for the Home & Gifting to loved ones. 

As a brand, Aravalii stands by certain unshakeable morals that define our root values and dictate how we move.

Handcrafted: All Aravalii’s products are handmade and handcrafted with great care and attention to detail. We have a selection of ceramic tableware that is pottered and fire baked – unique and unmatched in quality. This includes whole dinner sets, plates, platters, mugs and more. The ceramicware extends to planters, diffusers and home decor pieces – all singular in design and created authentically. Because of the handcrafted nature of our products, no two pieces will be found to be identical as their little inconsistencies enhance their value and distinguish them as unique handcrafted creations.

Artisanal: Aravalii’s ethos is rooted in tradition and rich cultural heritage, celebrating all that has been over generations of artisanal prowess. We not only celebrate the history of art and craft, we also engage in it deeply by ensuring that our products are sourced authentically from original craftspeople. Our Artisans are recipients of awards and accolades at both the National and International levels through their work and journey. We offer only the highest quality products on our online store for you to choose from for your home and loved ones.

Ethically Sourced: Aravalii was birthed during the lockdown when the economy faced an unprecedented blockade and migrant workers were forced back to their hometowns and villages from big cities. Aravalii was thus 

Aravalii’s product range of handcrafted ceramics, metals, woodware & live plants are all sourced from different and diverse parts of the country. Our practice of sourcing is done ethically, being entirely mindful of the effort, time and skill creative work requires and giving due credit and compensation wherever necessary. Aravalii treats all its allies, whether artisans or vendors, with due respect – both in practice and on paper. We offer a platform to cater their handiwork to the world while they stay placed in the comfort and ease of their homes in remote towns and villages, ensuring that their efforts are properly honoured.

Sustainable & Recyclable: Our range of products is made from raw materials that are sustainable and recyclable. Our packaging is also designed in a sustainable fashion so as to minimise our use of plastic while keeping check on the safe delivery of our fragile products.

Quality: Aravalii sources and sells only the highest quality products across all categories – be it decor pieces, utility products or our plant collection. Our home decor and utility pieces are handcrafted by Artisans of National and International acclaim and are unique in nature. The plants we house for sale on our website are brought from our plant nursery where a majority workforce of women look into plant care and nurturing as well as potting of the final plant products. We make sure that our products are nothing less than the promised perfection and we ensure to deliver the same.

Indulge in a luxurious experience of home-building and gift-giving with Aravalii.

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