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Article: Improve your Bathroom on a Budget!

Improve your Bathroom on a Budget!

Improve your Bathroom on a Budget!

Pinterest and Instagram are overflowing with beautiful updos of bathrooms – as are popular magazines. You will notice that all of these have certain common features – the list of tips outlined for your convenience below:

To elevate your bathroom ambience is easier steps than a thorough overhaul, you can try incorporating the following into your space. These will make you enjoy your bathroom time even more than before! 

Add a Plant for a hint of Green:

Add a Plant for a hint of Green

Often, what a bathroom is missing quite simply is a bit of life. Plants are able to bring that vibrance and colour with the extra benefit of air purifying capabilities. Choosing a unique looking planter will additionally introduce some texture with a pop of colour to your little space.

Planters offer an interesting element of expressing your personality. You can explore our collections on as we source out planters locally from award winning artisans.

It is important to consider the natural light your bathroom receives while choosing the plant you want to bring into the space. If you don’t have any natural light, it is worth choosing a Pothos plant as they are able to survive in little or no natural light – or an artificial one. Since your bathroom will have a shower, it is also with choosing a plant that survives high moisture – like the Bird’s Nest Fern. You can purchase these plants from Aravalii’s plant nursery online at

Bringing a small branch from you garden and keeping it inside you bathroom is another good way to add a hint of greenery to the space. This wont only add a bit of life to the space but becomes an interesting conversation starter while hosting friends and family. Above all – its a simple and easy way to uplift the ambience of your bathroom.

Try a New Paint Shade to Renovate your Bathroom:

Go ahead and get your bathroom that fresh new coat of paint that you've been hoping for. 

Bathrooms are a safe small space to play it risky with exciting and bold paint colours.

Paint not only brightens the bathroom but also revamps the space in the most affordable way possible. And if, over time, you grow to get bored of the colour – it's an easy and quick fix to redo it again. So don't hesitate – get to it right away with a single coat of new paint!

Change to Better Looking Hand Towels:

Fresh new, neutral toned towels can bring a whole new energy to your bathroom space – almost spa-like!

Hand towels tend to fray, wear out and fade in colour over time, making it a wise decision to buy new ones. There are sweet looking options available at affordable prices anywhere near you. It is worth checking out your closest home store for some amazing options and you can even find them available at great deals online.

Making Use of Containers:

Bringing big and little glass jars to store your daily essentials is a neat way to organise the bathroom space. You can use these containers to hold your toothbrush, hairbrush, q-tips and more.

The packaging of these products is usually colourful and busy and not very aesthetically pleasing to behold – like the box of cotton balls sitting on your bathroom shelf. There are always reusable mason jars lying around every house that can be repurposed in your bathroom space – while looking very beautiful on bathroom shelves.

You can also find such containers at thrift stores to buy for an updo of your bathroom space.

Bring in Works of Art:

Adding a work of art that is your own creation or that of someone you love. This will bring a bit of joy to your every morning when you glance upon it and also make your bathroom space more beautiful.

This doesn't need to be a necessarily expensive endeavour even if you choose to buy the art instead of using your own or that of someone you know. You can browse local thrift stores for small paintings and graphic print works that can easily be placed in simple black or white frames and decorated beautifully on your bathroom walls.

This is able to bring in a hint of character and personality to your bathroom space thanks to the use of hand painted art over store-bought posters.

Switch your Soap Dispenser

When one intentionally chooses the elements in their everyday space like a bathroom countertop, the practice is able to bring more meaning and become more special.

Once you purchase a soap dispenser you are fond of, you can adopt the practice of refilling it with store bought soap in bulk. This is not only a sustainable practice because of the reduced plastic but it also adds a considerable amount of personal taste and style to your bathroom space.

If you prefer a bar of soap over liquid soap, try sourcing a beautiful looking dish for your countertop. You can purchase all of these from for a bathroom transformation.

Is it a Bigger Change You Seek?

If you want a full bathroom renovation, it is worth contacting experts who can take on the project on your behalf and do a full updo of your space for you. Reach us at for an interior renovation consult from

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