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Ficus Bonsai in Self Watering Planter

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Aravalii’s Self Watering Planters are designed for the Busy, Lazy and Forgetful Souls! A special selection of self-sufficient pots use a genius tool to allow your plants to stay hydrated while you are busy/away/forgetting. The contraption includes two sections where the inner pot holds both the soil and the plant and the outer pot holds water. This creation is a life-changing option for all plant parents who struggle to maintain their plants due to lack of time.
The planter comes potted with a Ficus Bonsai plant.


  • Ideal for Home Decor & Gifting
  • Planter material: Plastic
  • Includes:
  • 1 Self Watering Planter
  • 1 Ficus Bonsai
  • plant height with pot 8 to 10″


  • Water plant twice a week, avoid overwatering
  • Ideal to grow in bright and shaded outdoor
  • Requires low maintenance with minimal fertilization during winters
  • Rinse the planters and let them air dry in the sun or dry with a clean cloth