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Lucky Bamboo 3 Layers Indoor Plant

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  • The 3 Layer Lucky Bamboo is a wonder plant that is a perfect gift for those we love and wish the best for.
  • One is said to attract good lucky & fortune in the presenve of this plant.
  • The 3-Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant is believed to be great for attributing good health and fortune to you and yours.
  • It is a popular choice to spruce up your home and office spaces.
  • This plant comes in a glass pot.


  • The plant comes in a glass pot with clear, water-retaining jellies
  • Carries air purifying properties
  • Size
  • Diameter- 4.5" approx
  • Height- 14" approx"


  • Low maintenance plant
  • Water once a week
  • Requires bright indirect sunlight
  • Ideal to grow in bright indoors