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Peace Lily In Golden Brass Planter

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If first-time gardeners are looking for a plantation, then the Peace Lily plant is the best for them. No need to worry as this plant won’t make you silly, rather its majestic white flowers will fill your ambience with aroma. Being one of the most acclaimed plants by people, Peace Lily is considered an excellent air purifier and turns best for your home or office decor. The plant comes over a Golden Brass Planter that adds a ravishing glory to its beauty.


Golden Brass Planter
– Pot Height – 6.5″
– Pot Width – 6″


– Clean brass pots with a polishing agent polish regularly to maintain its shiny texture
– Peace Lily plant needs bright indirect sunlight
– Requires Watering twice a week
– Ideal to grow in Bright indoors and shaded outdoor
– Requires low maintenance
– Has the capability to purify the air

Peace Lily In Golden Brass Planter
Peace Lily In Golden Brass Planter Sale price₹ 2,199.00